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What do I mean by ARTFUL?

Creative Headshots

Back when I started my business, I began searching for descriptors that could easily tell someone what kind of genre my work might be categorized under.

Artful kept coming to mind. 

It evokes a feeling, paints a picture, and sets a mood….simply in the speaking or reading of the word: Artful. 


To me, artful is inherently intentional and thoughtful. It evokes hints of editorial work.

Creative thinking opens the door for Artful work.

work that is artful …

…naturally pushes the boundaries and lives fully – happily – outside of the box. 

Creative headshots

Intentionality and thoughtfulness are incredibly high values for me when it comes to HOW I produce my work.

I want to create imagery that is meaningful to you. Imagery that feels. Imagery that speaks your unique story/self in this particular moment in your life. 

When it comes to my Artful Sessions, this translates to me taking a bit more time to think about our session and help create something special, unique.


It may mean we shoot in the studio so I have more creative control over the environment. Or, it may mean I bring some backdrop gear to your home or an outdoor location. 

Having a backdrop or a simple space to shoot in allows me to focus in on more of the particulars of you, of your relationship(s), of your connection, etc. It allows me to illuminate a few important variables (you, light, and movement) while eliminating others that could distract (a busy background). 


When it comes right down to it, Artful is a term that guides each and every creative decision I make – simple studio session or bustling city block.

Artful is a direction, a leaning. Not a destination or something to accomplish. 

If I ever have the pleasure of photographing you, artfulness will be my approach, my teacher, and the vibe ✌🏻